Duga Runes

Duga Runes final

Runes are most commonly used for readings although not as popular, at the moment, as the likes of Tarot or Angel Cards.

I first came across them in the early 90’s and was unaware until I came back to them in earnest in 2012 that they have also been used down the centuries for healing magick and talismans.  In 2014 I completed the Runes Practice Course with Michael Conneely.

Duga is an old Norse word meaning to help, to aid, to be of assistance, support.  This felt very appropriate for all their different aspects and to me as a person and therapist.

Introductory Offer: Readings are currently available via email for £10 and can be booked here.
“I was sceptical at the outset, having had zero experience of runes, but by the end of the reading I was very impressed by their ability to cut to the heart of the matter, and would highly recommend one of your runes readings to anyone”. ~ Mary S, Dunfermline

Workshops are also in the pipeline… so watch this space 🙂

Duga Runes is also the reason I got into pyrography.  Initially I made little sets then necklaces and talismans and then, well… have a look at Pyrografi and see for yourself.

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