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As I already had Pyrografi (pyrography) I felt it was in keeping to change photography to Photografi 🙂

I have always had an interest in photography and loved taking landscape and candid (fun and natural, not posed) images.

Since 2014 I have also loved attending bellydance haflas with my drum group HeartSound, so much so in 2015 I did a photography diploma and upgraded my camera and have enjoyed trying to capture the amazing dancing and stunning costumes (as you can see below). This also enabled me to do all my own product and marketing photography too.

I prefer to leave the image as I saw and captured it so do very minimal, if any, editing to my images.  Although I have now completed an Introduction to Photoshop so who knows what the future may hold 🙂

My intention is to create various items e.g. prints, canvases, cards, calendars.  All available products will be in my shop.

What is a bellydance hafla?

Hafla means gathering or get together and it is a great night (or afternoon) of entertainment.  The costumes, the make up not to mention the dancing… Egyptian style, Turkish, Tribal, ATS (American Tribal Style), solos, duets, groups, sometimes with veils, swords or zills.  Egyptian music, rock music and just about everything in between…. fantastic rhythms 🙂 and the dancers are equally as varied as the music.  There are usually stalls and a raffle at the events and to top it all off money raised is for charity.

I have posted one of my bellydance photos below, to see more go to my photographs in the gallery section.