So where did Pyrografi rise out from and what exactly is it?

It developed quite naturally from my work with Duga Runes.  I decided to make my own wooden runes sets by burning the staves onto wood.   Enjoying this process I then started making runes necklaces and talismans.

My next project was huge in comparison and by huge I mean the waney edged oak board was about 5ft across and I made an incredible logo sign as a gift.  I then started making positive, empowering and sometimes even fun quotes and verses.  The interest and feedback from people was amazing and kept growing so I created my Pyrografi page on Facebook.

With my interest in various holistic therapies I also do Reiki symbols and kanji, flower of life, antahkarana, om, auspicious symbols and much more.  I source the wood for my plaques from a local sustainable Scottish woodland and my boxes are made by local woodturner
John McWilliam.

From October 2015 I focussed more on the Pyrografi as I had started getting commissions in for Christmas.

All my currently available items are in the shop, you can, of course, commission your own Pyrografi piece.

So whether you are looking for a Reiki box, crystal grid, a poignant verse, a gift for a loved one (includes yourself!) please get in touch.

P0001 ~ Be awesome - Copy (640x274)